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Attractive repayment scheme up to 8 months!!!
+-Subject for approval.
+-Subject for approval.

Type of Loans



Type of Loans

Loan TypePersonal LoanMicro Loan (Short-Term)Debt Consolidation LoanPayday Loan
Loan Amount$8,000$1,000$10,000$5,000
Plan5 Months3 Months8 Months1 Month
Per Installment$1,792.81$359.78$1,480.17$5,195.83

Personal Loan

A personal loan is a specific loan that is given to a person without collateral
for the creditor in the case of bankruptcy or some other similar event.
In Singapore many registered money lenders are providing personal loans.
We can help you to find the best one!
Below are the common requirement to get a personal loan in Singapore.

Loan Requirement

For Singaporean & Permanent resident

  • Identity card
  • Income proofs (Payslip, income tax, last 3 months cpf contribution, etc)

Business Loan

As a business owner, you have probably made ‘bad’ decisions for your company which has ended up causing a substantial loss. A business loan enables you to pick up the pieces and dive back into your business again, and hopefully this time you can succeed with a different idea. Without a business loan there is a good chance that you could simply be left without a business, certainly not something that you want right?



Loan Requirement

  • Company ACRA
  • Recent 3 months Company bank statment
  • Recent month of invoice or future invoice
  • Past 1 or 2 years Balance sheet
  • Past 1 or 2 years P & L
  • All surety and share holder CBS
  • Recent Company Staff CPF contribution
  • Director income tax
  • Tenancy agreement

Bridging Loan

Need a bridging loan to settle some immediate financial debits?
We can assit you, we will help you to link with Singapore best money lenders





Loan Requirements

  • Property tax
  • Cpf private property statement (All owners)
  • Cpf statement and income tax (All owners)
  • Housing loan statement

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