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Attractive repayment scheme up to 12 months!!!
Attractive repayment scheme
 up to 12 months!!!
+-Terms and conditions apply
+-Terms and conditions apply.

Singapore Publishes Blueprint For Tax Guidelines For New Businesses.

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The Inland Revenue Authority in Singapore published an electronic Tax Manuel on July 29th. The purpose of such a manual is to give tax guidelines to new business owners. To help them better determine what their first day of business actually is.

According to this narrative published by the Authority, the exact date a company actually starts doing business is not really specifically stated, but is determined on a case by case basis. Normally the Authority has determined that a business was considered active as the first documented business transaction. When that first business transaction is documented that is the first day of business. Any expenses that a owner had prior to that first transaction, can be used as a tax deduction.


Additional Assistance Being Doled Out To Modest And Larger Sized Businesses!

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Business owners in Singapore  are not receiving new help for the smaller to medium sized business. It's being given in the hopes that these owners can aggressively be a part of an emerging sector of free enterprise. American Express has long been the business name associated with all things consumer credit is now extending the olive branch to the corporate world of Singapore. They are specifically targeting the mid and small sized business owners.

American Express is facilitating the collaboration with different business experts and companies to work in concert with these company owners. The target areas are online promotions and devoted cell phone customers reward drives. American Expressed also said there will be forthcoming businesses chosen to receive an awards package as well.



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